Passionate Eyes

My eyes would let you to see my passion, one day my passions will be my living and no one is going to stop me, for one reasons they are my passion and I love them more than breathing. Nothing is going to stop me for reaching me passions, nothing.

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Yeah shit happens

I just don’t get how people is okey to not talk to you , like seriously wow ! What the fuck happened then with all the time spent together , and it sucks so much to know that that moments and that person means a lot to you but they don’t feel the same way back , put I’m more pissed with myself for just care some much , every single word means a lot to me and that sucks ! But I just can’t bring myself to you drop thing , I can’t be that kind of person and seriously I don’t want to , yeah.

 Solomon Northup12 Years A Slave (via words-and-coffee)

What difference is there in the color of the soul?
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